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Reopening Scripture
... because there is more to this story.
About this book...
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About this book...

     I have grown to love stories about scripture. Not just listening to someone read it out of the Bible, but to listen to and watch someone act out what is being told. Too often it becomes a boring, unintelligent reading of a too familiar tale without any thought being given to the expression and interpretation of the life event that is being described. 

     Did Mary the mother of Jesus really sing with joy when she discovered she was to be an unwed mother? 

     Did Joseph from the Old Testament with his beautiful coat of many colors never grieve or lament the loss of his family when his jealous brothers threw him in a pit and sold him off to the first slave trader to come along? 

     Over time, I found that my interest in scriptural storytelling began to find a consistent theme in my preaching, retreats I was developing, workshops I was leading and personal writing interests. I began to realize that my own life transitions resonated with the ancient people of scripture in one important aspect: None of us know how our story is going to turn out. These ancient people faced the same uncertainty, worry, distraction, and wonder that we face in light of life events that leave us breathless for hope and help. We often fail to grasp how divine participation in the human story is actually what God's story is all about. Our stories are God's story. We are Living Scripture. Personal narratives, then and now, seem to be the ways in which God works best as Scripture transforms from static story to a conversation that informs our own modern dilemmas and uncertainties.  

     It is my hope that today’s spiritual seeker, and those who have grown disenfranchised from or disillusioned with traditional spiritual approaches will find a fresh perspective in this first book of mine that will open their own story to the overwhelming constancy of God's grace and love.

Work Experience

Upcoming Events: 2018

January 9 2018

Educational Workshop: All Saints Pastoral Care Team

All Saints Episcopal Church, South Burlington

THEME: "Spiritual Dignity with Elders: Hidden in Plain Sight"

FACILITATOR: The Rev. Carole Wageman

Recent Past Events: was a very good year! 

Lenten Lunch Bunch Program

   Chapter 1 "The Promise God Just Doesn't Forget"

   Chapter 3 "God Leaves No Fingerprints: A Story of Nicodemus"

   Chapter 9 "Good News Comes--Even For the Betrayer"

   Chapter 14 "When Love Came to Town: A Story of Peter, Paul and Alyssa"

   Chapter 16 "Discovering the New Normal: A Story of Despair--A Story of Healing"

FACILITATOR: The Rev. Carole Wageman

March: All Saints Episcopal Church Annual Vestry Retreat

THEME: "Trusting An Unknown Future to a Known God"

RESOURCE: The Light Shines Through: Our Stories Are God's Story

FACILITATOR: The Rev. Carole Wageman

March: Book Signing & Book Launch

Hopkins Bookshop, Trinity Episcopal Church, Shelburne, VT

April - to be re-scheduled Special Coffee Hour Reception, Book Presentation & Signing

All Saints Episcopal Church, South Burlington, VT

GUEST: The Rev. Carole Wageman

June: Preaching for Pentecost and Book Signing

Christ Church Episcopal Church, Montpelier, VT

GUEST PREACHER: The Rev. Carole Wageman

November: "Declare Dignity" Annual Diocesan Convention

Jackson Gore, Okemo VT

THEME: "Declare Dignity: Elders"

GUEST WORKSHOP LEADER: The Rev. Carole Wageman

Looking for a retreat leader or theme? Considering workshop for your congregation or group?

Can I help you with a book presentation or workshop that might address some concern in your congregation? 

Please contact me below. 

Upcoming Events

What others are saying...

“Wageman offers productive connection exercises and pondering questions that enable the reader to dig deep into our biblical ancestors. Similar to an actor fleshing out a character, this practice helps us better understand those who came before us and identify ourselves in their stories.”

     ––Jamie Martin-Currie, Missioner for Christian Formation in the Diocese of Texas and President of               Forma.


“Here is a rare book. It is inspiring, informative, and innovative. Carole Wageman has given us a fresh way to enter the biblical story and make it our own.”

     ––The Right Reverend Steven Charleston, visiting professor of Native American traditions at the Saint         Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University


“Carole gives us stories and insights that are approachable, yet also invite us to go deeper. Wonderful illustrations and stories make this book a help for preachers as well as a guide for people wanting to explore their Christian faith. Writing from Vermont, she bring the simplicity and deep strength of northern New England to her writing.”

––The Reverend Thaddeus Bennett, vocational faculty for CREDO, with previous parish ministry in      California, Connecticut, and Vermont


“Under Carole Wageman's light touch these familiar stories from Scripture come alive with fresh images and invite us to reflect and interact with the material in a deep and satisfying way. I heartedly recommend this lovely book.”

––The Very Rev. Diane Nancekivell, President, Kids4Peace International 

What others are saying...
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